Company Name : LE PETIT TROU

Country: Poland


  • Woman




  • Luxury
  • Premium
  • a. Luxury
  • c. Mid-range

Le Petit Trou was created in December 2013 by Zuzanna Kuczyńska, stylist with 10 years of experience, author of numerous covers and fashion spreads in one of the leading magazines of the industry. As the CEO and the designer of the brand, she combines her love to fashion, lingerie and France, which she wanted to highlight in the name of the brand. Le Petit Trou is a metaphor with numerous meanings but first of all it indicates the sexy cuts hidden in the lingerie, the trade mark of the brand. Le Petit Trou is a premium brand which pays attention to good quality of materials sourced from France and Italy, local production in Poland as well as original design. The selection is broaden each season with nightwear and shoes.

Le Petit Trou is a brand for normal women, the ones that change and for those who put themselves first while buying the lingerie.
The goal of the brand is not to make lingerie for big events and dates, but for everyday life. It is the lingerie we put on without thinking and matching, but which makes women self-confident and sexy in their own skin.

Since 2013, the brand has managed to achieve a strong position on the e-commerce market and to be a part of numerous boutiques and online shops all around the world, in countries such as, France, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan and successfully expanding the audience each season.

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