Company Name : UNDRESS CODE

Country/region: Poland


  • Woman


  • Lingerie
  • Loungewear / Nightwear
  • Accessories
  • Swimwear
  • Beachwear / Resortwear
  • Daywear lingerie / Bodywear
  • Seamless lingerie
  • Women's loungewear
  • Women's swimwear
  • Cosmetics / Beauty
  • Beachwear / Resortwear


  • Premium
  • Mid-range

Undress Code – premium lingerie and swimwear brand from Poland, stocked by e.g. Galeries Lafayette (18 locations) and multibrand boutiques and concept stores around the worlds. The brand has its own distinguishing aesthetics – loving geometry, suede and velour thus always emphasizing the practical side of the pieces. .

However the main inspiration for everything we do is still a woman ready to rock the world. What we’re trying to achieve is to empower women to think about their convenience and believe in themselves, being pretty enough, smart enough, educated enough, valuable enough and show ourselves that we simply can. On the top of that, we want our products to be a symbol of the modern and entirely fulfilled female, whom we will gladly support as a brand, being present during women initiatives and supporting women foundations.

Undress Code’s EMPOWERING PIECES have 3 rules – being extremely comfortable, looking modern and making women feel empowered. They are made to be worn all day supporting women and providing strength and power every day.

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