31 January 2020

New Must-have product for all Fashionistas and Dress Lovers! Bandelettes® Thigh Bands not only provide comfort but also look hot and sexy while saving your thighs from painful thigh chafing.  Bandelettes® thigh bands are as effective as they are convenient to wear. While they look similar to thigh-high tights, you will never have to deal with the burden of stockings slipping down. Bandelettes® thigh bands are made of high-quality and delicately crafted stretchy lace, that lightly wraps around the thighs and brings an end to skin rubbing as well as chafing. The two rows of stay-up silicone inside the bands hold them in place all day long without any risk of slipping.

Aesthetically pleasing and chic, Bandelettes® thigh bands offer a welcome and attractive alternative to tights and pantyhose during the warm and hot weather.

With Bandelettes® Thigh bands women Look Glamorous and feel Feminine and confident every day – at any size, age or shape.

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