Cake Maternity Announces Rebrand with Focus on Sustainability

10 August 2020

Founded in 2008, Cake Maternity, a leader in the maternity lingerie market, today announced the company’s rebrand. Although their new, earthy-look rebrand may feel cosmetic, it delves much deeper into their social and environmental responsibility, pushing the business to anticipate the future needs of their customers as well as the future needs of the planet. This new vision and purpose has shifted the business on many levels and they’re just getting started.

Founder Tracey Montford & business partner Keith Hyams personally felt the need to create change within the business as it was no longer reflecting their own personal views. Passionate about health and fitness, mindfulness, sustainability and leading an eco-conscious lifestyle, they were determined to see these changes flow through all aspects of the business, from manufacturing through to their customers’ door.

“More than ever, we’re aware and conscious of our environmental impact. It’s incredibly important, especially within the fashion industry, that we are responsible for our actions from waste output to making sure we create long-wearing and sustainable garments.” said Hyams.

While a personal endeavor, the owners are happy to have seen the push for durable, eco-friendly and recycled products, especially among younger moms. Focused on them, the mindful mamas, Cake’s purpose is to empower women as they mindfully navigate the world of motherhood, giving them the information and tools necessary to sustainably support their journey.

“This new identity has helped us to fully realize our purpose within the lingerie space by acknowledging what we stand for which is to nurture nature, make breastfeeding easier and to support mamas. Our branding represents exactly that whilst feeling feminine, calming and reflects our high-quality products and attention to detail.” says Tracey.

In addition to their focus on sustainability, there are a few other important changes to note. The first being their plastic-free shipping to customer, eliminating all single-use plastics from within the business and the fact that they now run on 90 solar panels utilizing that tropical Australian sun. The last change worth noting is their new zero image editing policy, which brings a welcomed change to the lingerie market. It’s important to Cake that they represent, empower and celebrate all mothers and all motherhood journeys.

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