21 January 2020


Derek Rose understands that their customers want to look good, feel good and make the most of their free time. The Derek Rose customer enjoys and values their ‘me-time’ and catching up with friends & family. Their customers know that quality free time is central to their happiness and well-being. As a life-loving brand Derek Rose shares this belief, so they design exclusively for free time. Derek Rose is pioneering and determined in their approach, developing products that enhance the enjoyment of these moments. If Derek Rose can make this time one percent more enjoyable, more confident, more comfortable, then they feel they have fulfilled their role. This contribution towards an elevated quality of life and, ultimately, their customer’s sense of well-being is what Derek Rose calls…Feel-good Living.



In developing their Autumn/Winter 2020 collection, the Design Team sat together and reflected on the world around them. With the ongoing conflicts and polarization of politics around the world, Derek Rose wanted to design a collection themed around love and friendship with both overt and subtle messaging. Their key print for the season is, at first glance, a classic camouflage design. However, Derek Rose has subverted this military icon by hiding hearts in plain sight within the design. Their message for the season is clear, make love not war, be friends not foes. Derek Rose hopes you will love the collection.









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