10 June 2019


For many of us, being in pajamas means enjoying a more intimate moment of rest. However, being in pajamas also means that we don’t leave the house, and don’t want strangers to see us. There is often a level of shame or embarrassment involved with people outside your inner circle seeing your pajamas.


That’s why Lavender Dreams is encouraging:

                        “Don’t hide… Show yourself.”




Lavender Dreams has a goal to make everyone comfortable in their pajamas. Not just physical comfort, but emotional comfort can come from a good set of pajamas. They want people in their pajamas feeling comfortable enough to answer the door, or take the dog for a walk. In Lavender Dreams, you can enjoy those long days spent in your pajamas, without rushing to change.

“At Lavender Dreams, we love to sleep, dream and make every moment we have for ourselves, the best. That’s why we work with the best Peruvian Pima Cotton, which provides unmatched freshness, slack and comfort, along with a design that shows each one of us at our best and allows us to feel modern and beautiful every day.”

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