24 January 2020

Evelyn & Bobbie is the creator of the world’s most comfortable and innovative intimate apparel. Evelyn & Bobbie designs the products they want to wear for seamless, flawless fit, and all-day comfort.

Evelyn & Bobbie bras are unique because they use leading-edge fabric and lamination technology plus a patented support structure, fitting a range of 100+ bra sizes in the fewest possible SKUs — and up to an H cup. Simple “XS – 3X” sizing makes it the easiest bra on the market to fit and buy.

Evelyn & Bobbie was recognized with the CURVE “Favorite New Brand” award in 2019.

Evelyn & Bobbie’s Philosophy:

“We are committed to making beautiful, purposeful products that make your life better.

We believe that having curves no longer means you have to be in pain all day.

We serve customers of all shapes, all sizes. all skin tones.

We see a future where all people stand tall and lead from the heart. ™”

With the help of their customers and retail partners, they are paving a new, bolder path. Their fearlessness sets them apart: Evelyn & Bobbie is taking on the biggest challenge in the intimates space today, doing what other companies cannot: pioneering new engineering methodologies to support a wider range of bodies and heavier bust loads.

After speaking with hundreds of boutique owners over the past few months, Evelyn & Bobbie has come to understand that one of the biggest struggles they face is losing business online. Evelyn & Bobbie wants to do their part to support these small business owners and are excited to debut a new program that will keep the customers they work so hard to service coming back to shop with them.

Up and Coming: 

The brand will debut their new Beyond Bra with a big reveal at the February CURVE 2020 show. With advanced adjustability and removable pads, the bra is expected to quickly rise in rank to a best-seller.

Now, the Beyond bra will fill out their wire-free offering for curvy girls, reaching even further into inclusivity into the larger sizes.

The new Beyond bra toutes the same lift tech as the wildly successful Defy Bra, however it has removable pads, an adjustable back band, and straps. The bra is accessible at $68 and will launch with matching underwear in top selling styles.

The revolutionary new Beyond Bra ships in April.

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