13 January 2020

Are you looking for a perfect skin tone for naturally beautiful legs?

FALKE has the right tone for every woman. Ideally, legs should appear smooth and flawless but still look natural. To achieve this cosmetic effect, FALKE Perfect Skin Colors offer a diverse color palette for every skin color.

It’s the details that distinguish premium products from all others. Since 1895, the FALKE family business stands for fashionable clothing made from high-quality materials, finished with handcrafted perfection and an eye for detail.


The art of yarn selection is the most crucial step in making beautiful FALKE products. Even the simplest of designs involve a melding of several yarns in their construction, each contributing to design engineering, comfort, tactility, function and a fit that feels as exquisite as it looks. To the delight of their customers, FALKE constantly strive to push the limits in tantalizing ways.

The product portfolio of FALKE entails hosiery, socks, underwear, sports performance apparel and apparel. Their contemporary designs master details of shape, color, pattern and texture within aesthetic, innovative product solutions. While pursuing the perfect designs, FALKE always keep their customers in mind, accompanying them on every of their steps.


For more information, please visit: www.FALKE.com


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