27 June 2019

“Since adolescence, femininity has a special relationship with lingerie. This relationship must be confident and beautiful. This is the role of our “First Lingerie” models, with the same strengths and perfectionism as our adult models.”

– Martine Istanbullu

Fillandises is a Parisian brand that offers quality underwear for all: pieces that allow accomplished women to stay forever young, and young girls to afford their first lingerie — refined and full of fantasy. Everything that goes into Fillandises lingerie is carefully selected in France, Italy, and Spain. From fabrics and accessories, elastics and haberdashery, everything is sourced in Europe, guaranteeing customers that they are buying quality products designed to last.

Fillandises products create a link between the adult and the teenager, using the same materials, lace, and embroidery for both adult and teen styles. Designs for teens are created with delicacy, respect, and sensitivity to a changing body. When a young girl’s femininity begins to emerge and her body begins to change, it becomes very difficult to find the right lingerie. It may be too lacy or too bland, have a strange fit, or be shapeless. This is why Fillandises’ founder Martine Istanbullu created the brand in 2017: for her teenage daughter Alicia and other teens and women exploring their femininity.

“At Fillandises, the mother and her daughter, the big and the little sister, the aunt and the niece, share, as a secret, a common taste for beautiful lingerie, comfort, and sweetness”

Fillandises’ “First Lingerie” line offers bras in sizes ranging from 75AA-90B (cm) so that a woman can wear designs starting from her teen years, and then expands up to a 95D in the adult range to serve throughout her life – from her wedding lingerie to her everyday bras.

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