20 March 2019

To continue the discussion of inclusiveness in the intimate apparel industry, CURVENEWYORK presented the Inclusiveness and Intimate Apparel Panel in collaboration with Kimmay Caldwell, the creator of Hurray Kimmay and #MoreThanMyNumbers. The event was sponsored by PARFAIT.

The goal of the panel was to bring together voices of the industry to discuss a range of topics, including size, gender, race, ability, and age in regards to lingerie as well as their representation in the intimate apparel industry as a whole. Kimmay Caldwell’s personal mission of the panel was, “… to help people learn to use undergarments as a tool to understand and love their bodies and themselves. And that means EVERYbody.”

The panel was sponsored by PARFAIT, a brand that is leading the production and messaging of intimate apparel for all. Dedicated to fit, diverse styles, and size inclusivity, PARFAIT collections are designed in both fit and silhouette to elegantly embrace and enhance the body, from petite to full figure. PARFAIT was a perfect match to sponsor this panel, as their brand identity syncs well with the conversation developed during the event.

The panel was comprised of the voices of experts on the topics of inclusivity, intimate apparel, and the retail landscape. The panel was led by Kimmay Caldwell, who said that her goal was to “use [my] privilege to create space for others to speak, and ultimately create solutions together.” Kris Cardona brought a male point of view to the panel and spoke as a representative of PARFAIT, offering insights into the steps that were being done within the brand to make intimate apparel available to a wide range of people. Ingrid Xiomara Galvez Thorp works as a Business Management Strategist that owns her personal mantra “cultivating collaborative communities.”  Khrystyana Kazakova is a model and Founder of #theREALcatwalk, a pop-up fashion show that occurs annually in New York City, showcasing bodies of all shapes and sizes. Elizabeth Leifer, CDO/Co-Owner of Play Out Underwear, said “being able to connect in person and follow up at events like this makes a huge difference in future communication.” Holly Osborne, Manager of Revelation in Fit, brought a retailer perspective on how to create a store environment conducive to inclusivity and self-love. Event attendee Emilie Dhelens-Tormo of Vibe Creative Consulting mentioned “The panel was diverse, as too the participants… which gave the attendees an unbiased overview of the topic.”

Topics discussed included how to offer a safe space for people in the retail environment, the concept of creating genderless products, steps retailers can take to create an inclusive assortment of intimates, and how to push forward this message across the industry. In addition to the diverse voices of the panelists, quotes related to each topic were displayed, adding greater depth to the conversation. Kimmay Caldwell noted the reception from attendees by saying, “”This was a provocative topic, and the reaction to the panel could stir up a lot of emotions. From what I’ve seen, it was very positive! People are really hungry to learn how they can take steps toward inclusion, and the conversations and tips that the panel shared will create a ripple effect of positivity within and beyond the lingerie industry.”

In efforts to promote the messaging of inclusivity, not only to the intimate apparel industry but the retail industry as a whole, CURVENEWYORK will continue to promote this concept during the August 2019 session. With a topic like Inclusiveness and Self-Love, there are many directions that the conversation can take. With this is mind, CURVENEWYORK, as the leading tradeshow for Intimate Apparel and Swimwear, aims to educate and promote change both in the retail landscape and brand mindsets.



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