24 January 2019

Finally, a new solution for panty lines that actually works:

The Janira Cotton Band Panty!

The Cotton Band Panty will help you avoid the constant worry of visible panty lines. Janira’s Cotton Band technology uses a higher percentage of extreme-stretch polyamide along the edges, creating a completely seamless look that is unmatched by competition.

Made with soft, stretch cotton, the Janira Cotton Band Panty is extra-comfortable. They stay put when you move, and provide the perfect fit in both the front and back. No more pinching, and no more lines!

You won’t notice them, and neither will anyone else.



So, why Janira? Other methods to create the ‘seamless’ look are not as effective:

  • Panties with flat seams can still be seen under tight clothes,
  • Laser cut panties don’t stay in place,
  • Thermo-glued panties can deteriorate around seams, causing bunching that is visible through clothes,
  • Panties lined with silicone strips can cause harm to sensitive skin and deteriorate overtime.

The Janira Cotton Band Panty is both comfortable and invisible:

The superior choice for panty line protection.

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