LOUISA BRACQ: universe and inspirations

17 February 2020

This Fall / Winter 20/21 collection is an “ode” to femininity and nature; or rather a tribute to the link that women have with nature.

Through references to ancestral pagan cults or more recently through the many interests that women have for their mental as well as physical balance.

Nature is at the center of our priorities; many causes for animal welfare and for the planet are involved, alternative medicine, treatment with plants have become recurring subjects and essential to our well-being.

The theme for this collection focuses on the universe of the 1990s with esoteric overtones. A time when this subject, this aesthetic was directional for fashion, television series, movies.

Read more about some of the new themes/lines from Louisa Bracq


GYSPSY TRIP | A mesmerizing journey

Cashmere print theme without embroidery, inspired by the Persian mystical and folk universe. The print on the styles has a trompe l’oeil effect giving the impression of a scarf draped over the body in a midnight blue background.

Details: The drapes, present on the full cup style, support keeping the breasts more centered.  Cashmere printed straps on the full cup style and the foam cup bra. Pink gold crescent Moon jewel. LB rose gold jewel on the body.

JODIE | Minimalism in color 

The Jodie line is inspired by the heroines of Helmut Newton. It is minimal, identity-based and without embroidery. Every woman has her pure self, a return to basics. Being at the same time, functional, resistant and soft the line «Jodie» proves that even in lingerie the simplicity is second to none.

Details: Fuchsia opaque stretch muslin. LB rose gold straps jewelry. Elastic edges, neckline and waist are in «Curcuma». Invisible seams

ÉLISE  | Recognized quality 

This winter the House’s indispensable Elise theme appears in a new «Emerald» color. The inspiration for this season’s colour is reminiscent of the natural world of vast winter forests. The embroidered palmettes are set with an iridescent thread with «scarab» reflections.

Details: Stretch knit with pleated-layered effects. Fit loved already years. Fashion and timeless style.

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