6 May 2019

CURVE’s New Account Program gives buyers another reason to open new accounts.

When a buyer opens a new account at a CURVE session, they are eligible to participate. When buyers open a new account with a brand, they can fill out an entry form with the brand representative and drop the form at a registration desk. This will enter them into the raffle for our grand prize!

The Grand Prize? A trip to visit UNIQUE by Mode City in Paris on July 6, 7 & 8, 2019.


Our winners for CURVE NEW YORK, February 2019:

                Bloomers, who opened a new account with Sock It to Me.

We interviewed the winners to learn about their experience with the New Account Program. Read about the buyers who won, and the brands they opened accounts with, below:




Tell us a little about your store. Where are you located? What are you excited about for the new season?

Bloomers is a basics undergarment and solutions store.  We are not your traditional lingerie store.  We offer comfortable, practical and pretty undergarments, sleepwear and loungewear.  Bloomers’ specialty is all things a woman would need to make any outfit look its best.  Bloomers covers you with everything from bras, shapewear, hosiery, slips and a very wide selection of solution products to cure your outfit malfunctions.  Bloomers is located in the heart of historic district in Old Town Alexandria, VA. For the new season, I have some great new bras that are coming in, some innovative textiles that I think the customers are going to be excited about, and a new line of pjs with fun prints! Finding products that make my customers happy and speak to them brings me a lot of joy.

What was your reaction when you found out that you won the raffle?

I was surprised and super excited. When I saw the Sock It to Me underwear at CURVE, I knew the prints would be a great seller at my boutique, but I never imagine it would also send me to Paris!

How are you going to take advantage of your prize?

My husband is going to join me, and in addition to attending the show, we are going to go sight-seeing and eat lots and lots of French food! We also plan on visiting one of the new brands we were introduced to at the February CURVE, to check out their embroidery operation and see how their bras are made.

What has been your favorite experience at CURVE?

I love the intimate feel and accessibility at CURVE. As a buyer, you get to see lots of new products, but it is not overwhelming. My inbox is flooded daily with new products and vendors, but at CURVE, I get to meet with these brands one-on-one and get a really feel for what their products are. I love that you can really do the entire show in three days. At the February CURVE, the “speed dating” event was great, as I meet a lot of brands and reps that I would not have necessarily approached before, but discovered new lines that will compliment what I already carry.

Learn more about Bloomers here. 

Bloomers opened a new account with: 


Sock It to Me is a 15-year-old novelty sock company who has taken fun to another level by putting our prints on comfortable, cotton underwear!  We have fit tested our product on over 40 body types, so I think we are most excited about the opportunity to serve more customers with our extended sizes (women’s up to 6X and men’s up to 3X for Spring 2020)!

Learn more about Sock It to Me here. 


Read about the CURVE LAS VEGAS winners HERE.

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