18 February 2020

The Sage Lifestyle is home to Sage Machado’s niche vegan Gemstone Perfumery, Natural Candles and Artisan Jewelry. As a jewelry designer of over 25 years, each perfume is inspired by Sage’s passion and love of gemstones. The fragrances embody Sage’s California chic lifestyle and are perfect for gypset perfumistas worldwide!

We spoke to Sage Machado about her inspiration behind her perfumes.

You initially started out as a jewelry designer, how did you transition into scents?

As a jewelry designer of 25 years , I was inspired by my love and passion of gemstones to create my Gemstone Perfumery which began with only 5 scents and has grown to 21 today, over 20 years later.

What is about scent is alluring to you?

I believe in wearing a perfume that embodies your essence. I am a firm believer in having a signature scent that changes with the seasons and creating a fragrance wardrobe for yourself. I chose to work with pure perfume oil because it wears closer to the skin, which keeps your scent much more intimate and personal.

How has travel impacted The Sage Lifestyle’s designs and scents?

Simple, traveling inspires ALL of my senses, keeping my creative mind stimulated and rejuvenated! It is completely essential for me as a designer to be inspired by new places and it keeps me constantly evolving!

The Sage Lifestyle’s packaging is cheerful a welcome departure from ubiquitous minimalism- what was the inspiration behind it?

My signature Japanese Washi papers were discovered in San Francisco at a Japanese Museum. I chose them because I wanted to have a paper which had a textile like feel to it as well as a luster that would capture the brilliance of the gemstones. No other paper compares to me…they are hand-made on centuries old block printing boards and they truly make the perfect pairing with my perfumery!


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