Soak Helps Fight Against COVID-19

6 May 2020

“At Soak we don’t just focus on protecting your delicates – we also feel pretty strongly about protecting you, your family, and community.”

Soak, the leading international modern laundry care brand has joined the initiative to support frontline workers. Though they can’t make or source PPE, they are taking their ‘shop and share’ concept to a whole new level. For this initiative, Soak is donating to local organizations – focusing first on the midwifery community.

Every time you purchase a Handmaid hand cream 12pk or a Soak care kit, Soak will donate the equal quantity to frontline workers. They will safely deliver the kits to those who need it most.

Midwives are in such a unique position right now. Their job doesn’t stop. Ever. They can’t slow down, or stay inside. If you know anyone who is pregnant, recently had a baby or considering having one, you know what a challenging time it is for them as well. Soak is also donating to birthing center staff, and others who play a vital role in helping people deliver babies, right now.

In addition to Soak’s donations to frontline workers, Soak Wash Inc. has just launched a new hand sanitizer spray for its B2B channel. Developed and produced in record time to meet retailer and consumer demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Health Canada approved product contains 62% ethanol, as well as aloe leaf juice for skin hydration, and is part of their Scentless line, a no-fragrance collection designed “for your sensitive side.”

“Our reps, our stores and their customers need this product, and we can deliver,” says Soak founder  Jacqueline Sava. “Small business is the backbone of our industry and our country, and we’re working hard to support the businesses that sell our products. We’re selling our hand sanitizer through our current distribution channel first, so not only this product helping slow the spread of the virus, it’s also helping our retailers stay in business and keep people employed by selling timely, in-demand stock. And as everyone knows, that’s our biggest commerce challenge right now.”

As an experienced player in the cleaning and skin care product space, Soak is in a strong position to bring this product to market quickly and efficiently. Canadian distribution starts in May, and the company is currently exploring relationships with partners in the US and other international markets.

The tagline is “spray when there’s no soap,” making the sanitizer an ideal take-along for runs to the grocery store, trips on public transit, or any place else people can’t easily access soap and water.

“We know hand washing is the best way to stop the spread of viruses, but since we don’t always have access to water, hand sanitizers are the next best solution,” says Jacqueline. “Having a bottle on hand is great in a pinch, and can offer real peace of mind when you have to leave your home right now. So you can just spray. Cleanse. And carry on. “

The timely launch of the Soak hand sanitizer is a reflection of the company’s strong community-based values. They recently launched a direct-to-consumer “Buy  one, donate one” program. It supports front-line workers with Soak care kits and Handmaid luxury hand cream, which is ideal for moisturizing skin after frequent hand washing. The program has focused on midwives (babies certainly don’t stop for COVID-19!), but customers can also direct their donations to anyone in need of a little support and recognition.

About Soak

Soak is a rinse-free, eco-friendly detergent, ideal for hand or machine washing. Designed and made in Canada, Soak is the leading solution for delicate laundry care. Founded by award winning entrepreneur, Jacqueline Sava, Soak products can be found in retailers around the world, and at




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